From Space to your Industry

🌍 At SPASCAT we design, develop and commercialize technological solutions for the industry based on data gathered from Earth observation sources (EO) combined with Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining algorithms.

Our focused tailored solutions for our clients and lean iterative developments make us a unique partner. 

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🌊Blue Economy

The biggest resources that exist on Earth are our vast oceans, whose coastlines thrive with industry and cities constantly expanding on their shores. 

EO solutions help with proper city planning, as well as provide control tools to monitor the correct development of the sea life that lays below. 

🌾Agriculture Revolution

Efficient production comes from accurate planning. The need for better and cheaper tools to improve the efficiency of the agricultural and livestock industry can be achieved with straightforward inexpensive solutions thanks to space-enabled data.

Know what, when, and how, anytime, anywhere.

⚡Renewables Efficiency

Renewable energies are not only our way to the future but also our needed present. 

With the available satellite data, accurate meteorological predictions of wind, solar irradiance, snow, dust, and rain, can help with the planning and construction of new power plants, as well as their continuous and predictive monitoring.

GAROTES: empower your bathymetric surveys

With GAROTES ( you can now get the best out of your bathymetric surveys. Combining satelite imaging with ML/IA, GAROTES allows you to generate a Near-Shore Satellite Derived Bathymetry (SDB) in a few seconds.

Two main features are available:

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SORRALINE: monitor your coastline

SORRALINE is the new SPASCAT's service by subscription that shares with you the exact Coast-Line of your Region of Interest automatically, allowing you to monitor your beaches' status and evolution.

Local Proud Winners

🏆 We are extremely proud to announce that SPASCAT was selected (along ÉireSpás proposal) as one of the winners of the 12th Edition of the Smart Catalonia Challenge.

⌛ With our proposed agile solution, we will empower local and government stakeholders in the decision-making regarding the effects of climate change on the coastline.